"East-coast popsters Scamper deliver a sweet slice of Power Pop with Sophie, a great new tune with a staccato riff that sounds like its straight out of the The Cars songbook. That riff leads to giant, sing-along chorus, complete with killer two-part harmonies that land a stone's throw from the best of Dexter Freebish or Nine Days. Sophie is a totally fun three minutes of near perfect pop!"
- Popbang Radio (Saint Paul, MN)
Scampering On

Oh hello. Come see your once and former Scamps as they bring the pop and the rock in their new projects: Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions (featuring Brendan, natch) Myspace • Facebook • Twitter •The Cover Up The Future Everybody (featuring Nate and Mike) Myspace...

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brendan's journal

Brendan is Scamper's bassist. He also happens to be one of the United States' leading authorities on 1980s pro wrestling trivia. Read his journal at your own risk.

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what's past is past

Want to create the best Scamper photo and press clippings scrapbook in town but don't know where to begin? Soak up the past in our over-detailed event history.

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news and notes

Scamper's latest offerings are "The Truth Divides" and "Coughing Up Roses", heard on Boston radio and online at Myspace.